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We actively encourage our pupils to develop their 'pupil voice' in order to help them to develop a sense of their own place in the world and improve our school through their wise council. We therefore encourage them to take on different roles in the classroom, become members of a House, Children's Leadership Team (CLT), Postive Behaviour & Mental Health Ambassadors (PBMHA), Pupil Parliament and Junior Safety Officers. Please see who we are below and our subpages for more information. 


Children's Leadership Team (CLT)


Head Girl:        Arohi

Head Boy:         Calin


Red House Leaders                            Erin                  Daria

Orange House Leaders                       Louis                Jamie

Yellow House Leaders                         Max                Antonio     

Green House Leaders                         Fiona               Harley

Blue House Leaders                            Pippa               Lionel         


Positive Behaviour & Mental Health Ambassadors (PBMHA)

Year 6       Ever, Robin, Nicole, Jonevia, Bradley, Joey, Gilvionio, Libby                                                         


Junior Safety Officers:

Year 6       Pippa                Ever





Victoria Road Primary School
Victoria Road, Northwich, Cheshire, CW9 5RE