Positive Behaviour & Mental Health Ambassadors (PBMHA)

Our Positive Behaviour & Mental Health Ambassadors (PBMHA) are an effective team within our school. They are made up of the Year 6 children.    

They meet bi-weekly with the Head of School and a  Parent Governor to inform them of any concerns, make suggestions about how to continue to support and promote positive behaviour in the school and to be consulted upon about proposed changes. 

The children were involved in creating the Children's Anti-Bullying Policy & E-Safety Policy for our school. (see seperate tabs). 

We are exceptionally proud of them and appreciate their hard work.

Meet the team below:

Mr Dharmendra Rai - Parent Governor:

As a Parent Governor for the last 2 years at Victoria Road Primary School, I started meeting with the Positive Behaviour Ambassadors biweekly. During these meetings we try to discuss about what bullying is, how can we stop bullying (if any) and how can we help others who have previously been bullied or are being bullied by someone. We have carried out the below activities in the school for spreading more awareness about promoting anti-bullying at our school.

  • Performed a few exercises so that the team can understand what bullying is and how can they help others to stop bullying and demonstrate positive behaviours instead. 
  • Celebrated anti-bullying weeks at different times in the academic year
  • Placed a "Buddy Bench" in the playground, if someone is sad or needs any sort of help.
  • Did an assessment with a set of questionnaires about anti-bullying for year 3,4,5 and 6. As a result of this assessment, the team found a few cases of bullying and reported them to the staff member/teacher.
  • The team did an anti-bullying poster drawing competition among year 5 and 6, to make them aware the policies at school.
  • They have created Positive Behaviour Posters promoting our 3 rules of Be Kind, Be Safe and Be Ready which are displayed in school for the children awareness.

Meet our Ambassadors:

Hi, I am Jonevia and I am a positive behaviour mental health ambassador (PBMHA). I help Mis Minor by keeping an eye on other children that are misbehaving. I also have to do pupil parliament so I and Gilvianio have to go to other schools to discuss about out school and theirs.

Hi, I am Bradley, and my job is the Positive behaviour and Mental Health Ambassador (PBMHA), our job is to make sure everyone is okay in the school. One of the things we do, we give Dojo’s only if they follow the rules Be Kind, Be Ready and Be Safe.

Hi, I am Joey, my role in the school is a Positive Behaviour and Mental Health Ambassador. I help in assemblies, make posters and help children follow the rules.

Hi, I am Gilvionio, and I am a positive behaviour and mental health ambassador and I help Mrs. Minor. Also I am in pupil of parliament, with Jonevia and we go to other schools to discuss about our school and their school.

Hi, my name is Nicole, I am an ambassador for Positive behaviour and mental health ambassador (PBMHA).  I was chosen to give Dojo’s if your ready, safe and kind. I helped a lot of people when using these rules. I help Miss Minor, Miss Jones, Miss Dodd and Miss Bellis when during assemblies.  I enjoy helping people and I like kids that are ready, teamwork and hardworking during classes. I would like to encourage every child that has positive behaviour to get free Dojo’s.






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