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At Victoria Road we want to provide opportunities for our children to develop their own appreciation of music including music from other cultures and times. We want our music lessons to be fun and inspiring, engaging the children with songs, lyrics and movement so that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy music through singing, making their own music (using tuned and untuned instruments) and through listening to music. We want all children to have the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument and compose their own pieces using the interrelated dimensions of music. We strive to ensure all children have the opportunity to perform to an audience both in school and to the wider community through local network activities.




Using the Charanga musical school platform, a steady progression plan has been built into our music curriculum across the school, ensuring consistent musical development. Our curriculum includes examples of musical styles and genres from different times and places. Our approach is, participatory and inclusive. Children are actively involved in using and developing their singing voices, using body percussion and whole body actions, and learning to handle and play instruments effectively to create and express their own and others’ music. Through a range of whole class and group activities children have opportunities to explore sounds, actively listen, compose and perform.

Our curriculum ensures children have the opportunities to play a range of instruments, both tuned and untuned, with our Year 4 children learning to play a string instrument.


To build upon the pupil’s cultural capital and to inspire our children to want to become composers and musicians themselves, the children explore different composers. These were specifically chosen to show diversity, from both modern day and the past. Weekly music assemblies enable the children to listen and reflect upon the impact that music has on them and helps them to build a body of knowledge about their composers through recall activities.


As a result of our inclusive active curriculum children sing enthusiastically and are skilled at listening to music and giving personal responses. They are able to identify the work of our school composers, both past and present as well as the musical artists they have studied. Children are more confident performers who have a developing understanding of music from other cultures and how music can impact positively on mental health and wellbeing. Children can discuss a piece of music and how this was created including the interrelated dimensions of music.



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