Everyday Information

School can only administer prescribed medicines and only if they need to be taken four times daily. Parents of children who require regular medication e.g. inhalers need to inform the office and the necessary arrangements can be made.

All medication needs to be signed in at the school office by an adult and must NOT be placed in the children's bags. Please ensure all medicine and inhalers are in date.


The wearing of jewellery is against school rules for health and safety reasons. The wearing of watches is permitted however this does not include smart watches vof any form. Stud earrings may be worn but must be removed for PE Lessons.

School will inform parents or guardians if a case of headlice occurs in your child's class. 

Water Bottles

Your child will need a labelled water bottle in school daily. This should only contain water or diluted sugar free juice. We promote drinking water in school for it's health benefits.



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