Children's Leadership Team (CLT) - Head Girl and Boy & House Captains


Our Children's Leadership Team are crucial to the safe and efficent running of the school. CLT are made up of 2 Head Children and 10 other Heads of Houses. 

They meet weekly with the Head of School and a  Parent Governor to inform them of any concerns, make suggestions about how to continue to improve the school and to be consulted upon about proposed changes. 

The children in the CLT wear badges so they are easily recognisable by everyone in school.

We are exceptionally proud of them and appreciate their hard work.

Meet our Governor:

Mr Dharmendra Rai - Parent Governor:

I have been a Parent Governor for the last 2 years at Victoria Road Primary School and meet with the Children's Leadership Team biweekly alongside the Head of School. During these meetings we try to discuss various leadership qualities and activities that the team can perform and follow to become a good leader now and in their future. 

We have discussed how they can:

  • Possess self-awareness and help others both inside and outside the school - by listening to the problems first before trying to solve them
  • Feel motivated, confident and empower others - by distributing house points to the children
  • Be more vocal and present themselves with a positive attitude - by taking parts in organising the assemblies and fundraisers
  • Become role models, garner credibility and motivate others too - by setting a good example, helping others and solving their problems.
  • Save our environment and natural resources - by learning on how to save energy and electricity bills by aiming to replace the existing old lights with the new energy efficient ones at school. 

Meet our Head Girl:

Hello, my name is Aarohi and I am the Head Girl of this lovely school of Victoria Road Primary School and my job is to take good care of our whole school community for people to be kinder towards others and for them to understand their inner abilities and to accept them.

Meet our Head Boy:

My name is Calin and I am the Head Boy. My job is to take care of the house captains and mental health ambassadors which are separate groups and we also take care of our beloved school by cleaning up, making ideas, making sure that they follow our rules: Be Kind, Be Ready, Be Safe. Also, we help teachers.  To become a head boy/girl, house captains and ambassadors, you write a letter to Mrs Minor our Head.

Meet our House Captains:

Hi, my name is Fiona, and I am house captain of Green house. We give out Dojo’s as we are part of the Leadership team. In assembly we watch out for kids who are following our rules: Be Kind, Be Ready and Be Safe. We give out Dojo’s to those children who are listening and remind children who are not listening.

My name is Harley and I am green house captain and I read out the Dojo points at the celebration assembly which I enjoy. I also enjoy helping out the young children.

Hi, I am Pippa and I am a house captain of Blue House. I sit on the side of some assemblies, and I do the laptop sometimes in assemblies. Any time, I hear or see a person crying I always try to cheer them up.

Hi, my name is Lionel, and I am a house captain of blue house, and my jobs are giving Dojo’s to the people who follow the rules and our rules are Be Kind, Be Ready and Be Safe.

Hi, my name is Max, and I am the house captain of yellow house, and my job is to make sure everyone is happy and safe. We also have a special door job where we monitor how many times kids come in at playtimes.

Hi, I am Antonio, my role is a house captain of yellow house, who looks at people following our rules and give out Dojo’s for Be-kind, Be-Ready and Be-safe. I have a buddy in Reception.

Hi, my name is Jamie, and my role is to promote good behaviour since I am an Orange House Captain, and we are allowed to be giving out Dojo’s.

Louis (Orange House Captain)

Hi! My name is Erin, and I am proud to be the Red House Captain. I am extremely overjoyed to have this position, and I always try my best to help others and set a good example to the rest of our school. One of my responsibilities is looking after a child from the youngest year group (reception) and I enjoy helping and playing with them.

Daria (Red House Captain)





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