Ofsted Report

The last Ofsted Inspection was carried out in February 2020. Please click on the link below to view the report.


Please see below for some of the comments from Ofsted Inspection on February 2020

Pupils enjoy their time at Victoria Road Primary School. The pupils who spoke to us said that everyone is accepted, happy and that they all get along ‘like a family’.

Reading has a high priority in the school. The teaching of early reading is effective. Children start to learn phonics as soon as they enter their Reception Year. Leaders keep a close check on pupils’ progress through the phonics programme. They ensure that pupils read books that match their phonics ability. Adults provide extra support for pupils who need more help. They help younger children to develop confidence and fluency in reading.

Adults have high expectations of the quality of pupils’ responses to questions. There is a real focus on reading for pleasure. Teachers extend pupils’ knowledge and understanding of vocabulary.

Promoting pupils’ personal development is also a high priority. Pupils speak positively about the support that they receive in school, including support with their mental health.

There are many opportunities in school for pupils to develop spiritually, morally, socially and culturally. They enjoy visits from a group of people who share Bible stories with them. During such a visit, pupils were keen to help with acting out a Bible story.

Pupils enjoy positions of responsibility, such as being anti-bullying ambassadors, student leaders and eco councillors. They are proud to hold these positions and to act as positive role models for other pupils.

Pupils have positive attitudes to learning. In classes and around school, pupils show respect for each other and for staff. They get along well and are kind and considerate to others.

Pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) are well supported to achieve well. They access the full curriculum and learn alongside their peers.

Children in the early years have positive attitudes to learning. They show high levels of curiosity, concentration and enjoyment. They listen and respond well to adults. The early years curriculum is designed well to meet children’s needs. There is a sharp focus on developing early language and extending children’s vocabulary as well as their personal, social and emotional development. There are many opportunities for the children to engage in counting and other mathematical activities. Other areas of learning, such as expressive arts and design, are well provided for. Children achieve well in the early years and are well prepared for the Year 1 curriculum.


Leaders have high expectations for pupils’ learning.

Pupils behave well. They said that bullying is rare. When it does happen, pupils told us that teachers quickly resolve any issues. Pupils enjoy playtimes and lunchtimes. They said t they feel safe in school. They benefit from a range of opportunities to develop their interests outside of the classroom. These include visiting places of interest and taking part in residential trips. They also enjoy the range of clubs on offer, including a variety of sports clubs.

All pupils, including those who are vulnerable or those who need emotional support, are well cared for by staff and leaders. This contributes to the positive relationships between adults and pupils.

The trust has been instrumental in providing training opportunities for staff. This allows staff to be better prepared to deliver the curriculum. Staff feel well supported by senior leaders. The teachers spoken to said that leaders take account of their workload.

There is a strong culture of safeguarding at the school. All staff understand the need to protect pupils and how to do so. They know how to report any concerns they may have about a pupil’s safety or well-being. Safeguarding records are detailed and well managed. Pupils are taught how to keep themselves safe and they play an important role in promoting the school’s anti-bullying messages.

There are a number of specialist staff who provide helpful services and support for pupils. Parents and carers value the assistance that they get at difficult times for their families.



Victoria Road Primary School
Victoria Road, Northwich, Cheshire, CW9 5RE