Reception Mrs Wetherall 2020 - 2021


Mrs Wetherall loves travelling and spending time with her family and friends.  

To help us in our class we have two AMAZING Teaching Assistants Mrs Clarke (Tuesday-Friday) Mrs Pilling (Monday and Wednesday pm)

Mrs Clarke  smiley Mrs Clarke loves running, baking and spending time with her daughters.  

Mrs Pilling  Mrs Pilling loves stories, reading and spending time with her sons.  


Our class motto is to learn together is to play together

Autumn Term

 Hello we cannot wait to welcome you all to the Victoria Road Family, we know it has been funny times but we are so excited to see you at school in September.

This term we are going to be learning about ourselves we will be thinking about people who are special to us and who is in our family, we will be looking at how everybody's families are different and the different cultures within our local community and classroom. Below are people who are special to me.

In literacy we will be looking at Traditional Tales, learning about the characters, how a story is formed and thinking about different endings. We will be focusing on learning the patterns in the stories, re telling them to each other, acting them out and telling our own stories in our Helicopter Story sessions.

After the half term we will be using our Early Literacy Programme to learn familar words, reading them by heart and practising writing them on our whiteboards.

In maths we will be focusing on numbers up to 5, how the number 5 is made up, how we can count in different ways and how to we write the numbers up to 5. We will be focusing on 2D shapes their properties and have fun making shape patterns.

In letters and sounds we will be focusing on Phase 2 and the sounds satpinmdgock, looking at intial sounds and what words can be made up using the sounds.

We will be learning through play and using assessments to look at next steps.

Our door is always open for any questions or concerns you may have,however at the present time parents are unable to come into school! Therefore, please feel free to ring at any time on the school number and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


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Is every Thursday afternnon 

Please can you make sure the children have their P.E Bags in school. They can bring them in on a Monday morning for the week ahead and be left in their pegs. Please make sure all clothing and belongings are clearly named. Thank you




We aim to read and change your child’s reading book twice a week. It is important that your child has their book bags and reading books and diaries in school every day so that this is possible. We ask that you spend 10 minutes each day listening to your child read their book or key words. It is important to talk about the story to make sure you child is understanding what they have read. When you have heard your child read please could you complete the home school reading diary. This will help us to monitor reading development.



Word Aware 
Here at Victoria Road Primary School we use the Word Aware approach.This entails learning a new word everyday, we read the word, found out its meaning, act out the word, sing the word we even have a word RAP!! Your child will bring home a slip stuck into their reading diary with the chosen topic of discussion for that evening.  On the day your child gets their Word Aware Homework they will not need to read but will be expected to spend time discussing their word with as many adults as possible at home. Children will still need to read on the other nights of the week. However to get the best benefits it would be ideal to talk about the word as much as possible over the week as this will help them back in class where there will be quality time spent discussing or writing about the chosen word. 

We feel that Word Aware Homework will contribute to the enrichment of writing and hope that you will support your child at home.

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