Ofsted Report

The last Ofsted Inpsection was carried out on 13th and 14th December 2016. Please click on the attached file to view the report.

Please see below for some of the comments from Ofsted Inspection on December 2016

Leaders provide a range of extra-curricular experiences for pupils. Pupils enjoy participating in after-school activities such as art, dodge ball and football.  Leader promotes pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development well. Pupils learn to be respectful of others and to work well together. They learn about other people’s faiths belief and cultures. Pupils also learn about British values such as democracy, through election to school council, and through house votes on which charity they will support this year.


Parents speak positively about the school. They consider their children to be happy and safe at school and they feel well informed about their children’s progress. Leaders have worked well with families to raise attendance levels, improve punctuality and reduce levels of persistent absence since the last inspection.

Pupils benefit from an interesting, broad and relevant curriculum, which ignites their interest and engagement in learning. Regular visitors and educational visits to, for example, a local science museum, enhance pupils’ experiences. Key stage 2 pupils talk excitedly about how they developed learning about ‘what is under my feet?’ by going outdoors and digging up part of the field and then investigating what they found.

Pupils show very positive relationships with staff and each other. They cooperate well together in lessons to share ideas and produce work. Pupils say they are proud of their school, and that school is a safe and happy place to be.
Pupils relish their responsibilities as, for example, school councillors, eco-councillors, and junior safety officers.


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