Our Staff

Our experienced teaching team is led by our Head Teacher, Mrs Lord.

Our classroom based teaching is supported by a broad range of residentials, trips, visits and in school experiences.


Mrs Lord                                                              Mrs Munro                                                         Mrs Clarke

Head Teacher                                          Assistant Head / Teacher Y6                                    Assistant Head / Teacher Y2                                                                                


Mrs Wetherall                                                   Miss Atherton                                                   Mrs Tatler

Teacher – Reception                                      Teacher – Year 1                                               Teacher – Year 2                                                                                


Mrs Bell                                                                Miss Jones                                                          Mrs Dodd

Teacher – Year 3                                               Teacher – Year 4                                               Teacher – Year 4                                                                                



Miss Chester                                                      Miss Moore                                               Mrs Clarke         

Teacher – Year 5                                               Teaching  Assistant                                        Teaching Assistant                                                                           


Mr Greatbanks                                           Mrs Wilson                                                Mrs Adams

Teaching Assistant                                               Teaching Assistant                                                     Teaching Assistant                                                                                           


Miss Breau                                                          Mrs Edgeley                                                   Miss Garland

Teaching Assistant                                                          Teaching Assistant                                                       Teaching Assistant                                                                                


Ms Bottomley                                                   Mrs Hamnett                                                     Mrs Tilley

HL Teaching Assistant                                                     Teaching Assistant                                                     Teaching Assistant                                                                                


Miss Roberts                                                    Mrs Warman                                                      Mrs Pilling

Teaching Assistant                                                          Teaching Assistant                                                   Teaching Assistant                                                                                


Mrs Rogers                                                     Mrs Rogers                                                         Mrs Margeson

Teacher/ SENCO                                               Bursar                                                              Clerical Officer                                                                                


Mrs Clayton                                                      Mr Riding                                                             Miss Bellis

Family Support Worker                                  Site Manager                                                     Out of School Deputy                                                                                


Miss Vernon                                                      Mrs Hasnaoui                                                    Ms Cross

Out of School Deputy                                                         School Cook                                                          Cleaner/Midday                                                                                



Miss Kenyon                                              Miss Dutton                                                      

Midday Assistant                                     Cleaner/Midday