Our Gallery

Pettypool day, by Mrs Dodd

Poetry Reader , by Miss Flynn

Ancient Egypt homework , by Miss Flynn

Year 6 Science Museum Visit, by Miss Tillotson

Reception Family Learning , by Mrs Wetherall

Reception go on a journey, by Mrs Wetherall

Bedtime story - Monday, by Mrs Dodd

Sarah Oliver Author Visit, by Miss Tillotson

Fun learning at home! , by Miss Flynn

Happy Natalia , by Miss Flynn

British Values, by Mrs Wetherall

Year5 and Andy Cope, by Mrs Munro

Spy Dog Visit, by Miss Tillotson

Maths is fun! , by Miss Flynn

Reception go on a 'Bear Hunt', by Mrs Wetherall

DT day in Year5...., by Mrs Munro

The chalice, by Mrs Dodd

Changing notes MUSIC, by Mrs Dodd

Catch some Kindness jars, by Mrs Munro

Viking longboats in yr5, by Mrs Munro

Maths and more maths, by Mrs Wetherall