Who we represent

The governing body is made up of staff from the school, parent representatives of children at the school and members of the local community.

The governing body is made up of 4 different types of governor. These are:

  • Community governors - invited by the other governors to represent the wider community.

  • Local Authority (LA) governors

  • Parent governors - elected by other parents at the school.

  • Staff governors – a teaching and a non-teaching member of staff are elected by their colleagues plus the Head Teacher.

The Governing Body also has a Clerk who supports the governors by arranging the meetings, circulating the agenda and papers, taking the meeting minutes and keeping governors up to date with their statutory obligations. 

Who we are

Tim Hailwood, Chair of Governors and Parent Governor

I attended primary school in Hartford and I clearly remember playing football and cricket against Victoria Road School during that time, although I can’t remember who won! My secondary education was at a school in Hampshire but ever since then I have lived in Northwich.

My work life has been spent working in two areas. One as a freelance photographer the other as the manager of an aquatics department in a garden centre. Now I have the hardest but most rewarding job and that is as a house husband and looking after our 2 children.

Throughout my 2 careers learning and education have been vital and that is why as a Parent Governor I want to help maintain and improve the standards of our school for all the pupils. We never stop learning and if we make sure our children’s primary school days are happy and rewarding they will be well prepared for their secondary education and life ahead.

Date of appointment and Term of Office 24/07/2017 - 4 year Term

Andrew Cooper, Governor

Andrew moved to Northwich from Stockport and has been passionate about the town ever since.  He was elected to Northwich Town Council in 2013, where he has focused on making a positive difference to the lives of children and young people in the area, and in particular those living in poverty.  He has served as a governor at Victoria Road since February 2017.
His professional background is in software development, and Andrew is currently employed at Gadbrook Park working for a company that provides software to the Social Housing sector.
Following the birth of their son in 2016, Andrew spends most of his time outside of work and community commitments, retrieving his glasses from a mischievous toddler.

Date of appointment and Term of Office  01/09/2018 - 4 Year Term


Cathy Lord, Head Teacher and Staff Governor

I have been a Teacher for over 17 years and Victoria Road Primary School is my first Headship; having previously been an Assistant Head and a Deputy Head teacher in schools in Cheshire East and Staffordshire. I have a lot of experience teaching across the Primary age range and I am very interested in all aspects of both pupil and adult learning.

I believe passionately in developing leadership in others and I am an accredited National Colleague of School Leadership facilitator; helping staff develop their leadership skills through programmes like the Middle Leader Development Programme. I am also passionate about the power of positive thinking and am particularly interested in the philosophy behind ‘The Art of Being Brilliant’.

I have two children and a beautiful Jack Russell called Frank. I am very proud to lead a school where the first word in the motto is ‘Nurture’.

Date of appoinment and Term of Office 01/09/2013 By Right of Office

Cheryl Hamnett, Support Staff Governor and Governor responsible for Health and Safety

My name is Mrs Cheryl Hamnett and I am the Teaching Support Staff Governor. Those of you who know me already know this and so I’m stating the obvious, but if you don’t know me, I am a Teaching Assistant at your child’s school and have been since 2003 (blimey time flies when you’re having fun!!!!!) I am therefore in school every day and should you wish to find out more about being a Governor or if you have a concern I’d be more than happy to listen and help.

Date of appointment and Term of Office 23/03/2015 - 4 Year Term


Janet Smith

My name is Jan Smith.

I am a retired teacher and worked at a primary school in Wythenshawe for over 20 years. My husband and I have recently moved to Northwich to be closer to my daughter and 2 wonderful granddaughters. I have a wealth of experience teaching within KS1. I was also the KS1 phase leader, assessment lead and a member of the School Leadership Team. I am passionate about education and believe that all children should be given high
quality learning experiences to enable them to reach their potential. I am really looking forward to working with the school and community.

Date of appointment and Term of Office  23 Nov 2020 - 4 Year Term


Mrs Deborah Frosdyck-Rawlins - Safeguarding Governor

My name is Deborah and I am a police officer and knows the communitythrough my work.

Date of appointment and Term of Office 19/11/2018 - 4 Year Term



Mrs Irene Garland - English Governor

My name is Irene Garland and I am a retired School Receptionist having worked for 10 years in a local High School. Prior to that I was a Secretary for many years. 

I have lived in Northwich for the past 31 years after previously living in Gloucester for 14 years.  I have a daughter and son, six grandchildren, four of which have attended Victoria Road School. Like every parent/grandparent we always want our children to have a good education and be happy in their schooling. I am passionate that children have the opportunity to fulfill their potential in learning and enjoy their years in Primary School. I would like to think, that being a Governor of this School, I can contribute towards this.

Date of appointment and Term of Office 19/11/2018 - 4 Year Term

Janet Hughes - Clerk to the Governors

The clerk to the governors is responsible for providing administration and advice to the governors. 

Date of appointment and Term of Office  23 Nov 2020 - 4 Year Term


Andrew Macauley

I bring substantial experience that I trust can be of value to Victoria Road school. I served as Governor in Kelsall for many years and moved to Northwich two years ago. Whilst in Kelsall I led the recruitment of a number of staff, one of the team I recruited became deputy head. I am actively involved in the local parish church and working on projects to support local residents during lockdown 

My background is pharmaceuticals and business management. I launched a business from zero and grew it to more that £100m turnover, so bring a rich mix of skills to support the school and colleagues. 

I am passionate about achieving the very best for pupils and young people in any environment - I am a dad and step dad of 10 children so that alone gives me hands on experience. I look forward to adding value to Victoria Road school.

Date of appointment and Term of Office 14th July 2020 - 4 Year Term

Mrs Joanne Munroe


Date of appointment and Term of Office  11th March 2019 - 4 Year Term

Kimberley Clarke, Assistant Head Teacher, Year 2 Teacher and Staff Governor

I have been a Teacher for around 13 years and Victoria Road Primary School was the school I began my teaching career at as an NQT. Throughout my time at VRPS I have developed career by teaching in both Key Stage 1 and 2 and progressing through my roles as Literacy lead, Key Stage lead and now assistant head teacher. I have also been lucky enough to work as part of the ASPIRE Trust, helping lead on the Write Across Project and supporting many schools across both the ASPIRE and Fallibroome Trusts as well as two secondary schools.

I have a huge passion for literacy and my specialisms are writing and phonics. I have developed and implemented a variety of approaches in order to strive to increase attainment and progress across school.

I have a lovely daughter, Phoebe, who I love making memories with as well as my husband and rest of my family and friends. 

I am very proud to work at such a nurturing school with a supportive and dedicated team and couldn't think of a better place to work.

Date of appointment and Term of Office  11th March 2019 - 4 Year Term







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