Reviews 2019

Review 1

Quote Received – 20.06.2019

I thought my admiration for the work Victoria Road do couldn't be topped. That was before My wife and I attended the first session of the course to help parents deal with their children's transition to high school. It was excellent and I am sure the future sessions will be as useful and encouraging.

I know how well the school deals with the children's transition with move up days and talks etc. To offer something for the parents as well is just perfect. It might seem like a simple thing but, as a parent with a child about to move up, to hear that others have the same concerns is very reassuring.

It ticks all the boxes for the pastoral care we offer both from a parents point of view and a governors.

Review 2

Review Received 23rd September 2019

I enjoyed joining in Forest School last Friday and was impressed with the engagement and behaviour of the children. It was lovely to see them enjoying the outdoor space and activities. 

V Armstrong Councillor and Governor