As a school we work hard to ensure that all of our families are protected from extremism. We do this though the following actions :-

  • We personally challenge any form of extremism
  • We promote British Values of Liberty, Democracy, Rule of Law, Mutual Respect and Tolerance of different faiths and beliefs through our curriculum and practise
  • We train all of our staff in Prevent and will report our concerns to Chanel if we are alerted to behaviours that suggest extremism or that a person is vulnerable to being influenced by extremists groups
  • We teach a broad and balanced curriculum which promotes fundamental British Values 
  • We teach our children to express their views and develop trusting relationships with the adults in school so that they have people that they can confide in


If you are at all concerned about the extreme behaviour or views of others in our community, please inform a member of staff or access the support below. 

  •   Resource link in KCSiE Annex A Educate Against Hate – many resources for promoting British values across the primary age range


  • PREVENT/Chanel - If you are concerned that a child or family may be at risk of extremism Professionals can be contacted to make a referral - or just for advice

  • Local Prevent Team 01606 362121

Resource Links:

Statutory Guidance Prevent duty    

....DocumentsTerrorism and radicalisation and Prevent Duty3799_Revised_Prevent_Duty_Guidance__England_Wales_V2-Interactive.pdf

Statutory Guidance Channel duty

DfE Prevent duty guidance for schools  ....DocumentsTerrorism and radicalisation and Prevent Dutyprevent-duty-departmental-advice-v6.doc

Educate Against Hate website with information and resources for teachers and senior leaders in relation to prevent duty

Early Years teaching fundamental British values guidance   ....DocumentsTerrorism and radicalisation and Prevent DutyFundamental-British-Values-in-the-Early-Years-2017.pdf

Advice on hosting external speakers ....DocumentsTerrorism and radicalisation and Prevent Duty20160108HostingSpeakersAdvice (3).pdf

Information for parents re Prevent duty suitable for inclusion on website   ....DocumentsTerrorism and radicalisation and Prevent DutyPrevent Duty info_for_parents.pdf

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