Parental Feedback

How do I let the school know my views?

Comments or Compliments - Are you really pleased with something the school has done?  Do you have a good idea for improving any aspect of school life?  Let us know! You can speak to us in person, send a letter or email us. The school will always welcome your feedback or comments. 

Concerns - Are you unhappy or worried about a school matter?  An informal discussion with the school would be the first step to resolving the situation.  Please make contact with the school as soon as you feel concerned.There are more formal complaint procedures where needed.

What do I do if I am concerned about something?
Sometimes you may feel things have gone wrong or perhaps you are unhappy about something that has happened.  It may be to do with your child’s progress, actions of a member of staff or another pupil’s conduct.  We know it can be difficult to question what a school is doing, but if you do not tell them what is worrying you, they cannot explain their actions or put things right.  Their support for you and your child will not lessen in any way.

What to do first
First of all speak to your child’s teacher who will deal with the issue or pass you on to someone more able to help you.

You can contact the school in person, by telephone, letter or email.  Most concerns or complaints will be sorted out quickly by putting something right, or by giving an extra explanation of the school's actions.


Making a complaint
If you are not satisfied with the response you receive to your concern you may wish to make a complaint.  Please see our Complaint Policy for further advice.

Parent comments from February 2020 survey :-

What do we do well? 

You make the children feel like they are super stars! Teachers in the playground in the mornings is always a pleasure; welcoming friendly school; everything is good in school; make kids safe; supporting children, broad education, helping children who are not first language English speakers; helping my child excel in all his work; staff are fantastic not just with children but families- they genuinely care about everybody. Can’t thank the staff enough, it’s an amazing school, thanks to them, I wouldn’t send my kids anywhere else; the school is a lovely place, helpful and supportive to my child; Very open communication between myself and the school, I have been very grateful for all the school do to help me and my children- as a school they go above and beyond; Communication, personal approach and security; the school have a very good learning environment and introduce a good learning process approach which has given an enthusiastic spirit from the very first day; Everything!

Parental feedback Sept 2019 

What do we do well? 


Communication ; keeping us informed ; communication; Literacy and numeracy; pastoral care; community and school spirit

Involving children and parents to family learning days informing me about my children – my children are happy to come to school;  I like how you teach the kids to be independent and they learn lots of things in school; Love and care for both children and family; Very supportive, very helpful and vey kind and caring- they will go out there to help you; Cooperating with the child and helping her in all areas, helps her in improving all subjects; The twitter pages are really good. It’s nice to see what my child is doing/has done at school; 1 to 1 learning/TA are fantastic; Keep parents informed and putting children first always; very caring and understanding ; I like the way the kids are doing phonics; My son has done fantastically since he started and I can only thank the school for the work that have done with him and hopefully he will keep the way he is doing; Take good care of the children and give them the education they need; thank you for the development and education of our children;Eco-club/councillors are amazing ; XXX loves her school and the fact that received certificates and stickers for her efforts; the school is great and has a friendly atmosphere. My child loves coming to school here! Also the holiday club multiflex was a big massive help to working parents as they can prove to be unaffordable and expensive as a single parent ; The school listens and reacts proactively. The school is a happy place to be and nurtures not only the child but the family. Thank you 


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