Our Anti-bullying policy

Victoria Road Primary School

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Our Policy 

Construction of our policy

After attending our Diana Trust Anti-bullying training, the Student Leadership team met with Mr Hailwood (Chair of Governors) and Mrs Lord (Headteacher) and decided together what we wanted on our policy. We looked at a range of policies on the internet and decided on a structure that we liked. We liked the message of 'STOP' in this policy as it clearly shows that bullying is not allowed to continue, if it happens in our school. We have ensured that all of the things that we have learned from our training in in our policy. We think it is very clear. Please look at our notice board for forther information or ask one of our anti-bullying ambassadors for more information. 

What is bullying?

In our school a bully is someone who hurts someone more than once, deliberately using behaviour which is meant to hurt, frighten or upset another person.  


Bullying can be…..


Emotional: Hurting people's feelings, leaving you out, making you feel bad.

Physical: Punching, kicking, spitting, pushing, theft.

Verbal: Being teased, name calling, being rude.

Racist: Calling you racist names, graffiti.

Cyber: Saying unkind things by text, email, socail media.


When is it bullying?







Remember some things you say to someone may be said to try and be funny but it may be hurtful to that person.

Think before you speak!

If we make a mistake and I hurt somebody I say sorry and try to make it better


Who can I tell?

Anti-bullying ambassadors 

A friend

A family member

School leader or Buddy

Head Teacher

Any teacher at school or any adult in school including Lunch time staff

Someone you trust

Anybody near you



If you feel you are being bullied :







If you are bullied:



•Ask them to stop if you can.

•Use eye contact and tell them to go away.

•Ignore them.

•Walk away.





•Do what they say.

•Get angry or look upset.

•Hit them.

•Think that it is your fault.

•Hide it.

•Do not retaliate. 


What should I do if I see someone else being bullied?


•Don’t walk away and ignore the bullying.

•Tell the bully to stop if it is safe to do so.

•Don’t stay silent or the bullying will keep happening.

•Don’t lose your temper.



The Head Teacher, Governors, Staff and School Leaders  will work together to:


•Make our school a place where everyone can feel happy.  That means no bullying allowed.

•We will help everyone to get on with each other and we believe that everyone has the right to feel safe and be themselves.

Victoria Road Primary School
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