How to contact the governors

How and when to contact the Governors

The governors welcome comments and suggestions for improvements for our school, please leave a note in the Suggestion Box in the School Office.  We actively welcome input and contributions from parents and from others in the local community who support the school.

Any issues concerning pupils at the School should, in the first instance, be discussed with the Class Teacher, thereafter with the Head Teacher. If you do not feel the matter has been resolved to your satisfaction, then you can contact the Chair of Governors by sending a letter c/o the School Office or email

How you can become a Governor

All Governors have a valuable contribution to make to the on-going development of the school. The Governing Body is made up of a number of different types of governors and the normal term of office is two years. However, after two years, any governor who wishes to remain on the Governing Body can offer to stand for a further term of office and (if no-one else has expressed an interest in the position) be re-elected or reconfirmed in their position.

Parent Governors: If you are a parent of a pupil(s) at the School or the primary carer and a parent governor post is vacant you can stand for election. If more than one parent expresses an interest in filling a vacancy, elections are held in which all parents can vote. Parent governors do not formally represent parents on the Governing Body but they do act as a link between parents and the Governing Body and try to keep in tune with parents' views. Being a parent governor is very rewarding and interesting.  If you are interested in becoming a governor please speak to the Head Teacher.

Community Governors: If you are a person who plays some kind of role in the wider local community and have experience and/or local links that will benefit the school the Governing Body would love to hear from you. Appointment is by invitation so if you would like to be considered please write a letter, explaining you position in the local community and what benefit you would bring to the school.  Send the letter to the Chair of Governors c/o the School Office or email

Staff Governor: If you are a member of staff paid to work at the School and a staff governor position is vacant you can stand for election.  Please speak to the Head Teacher.