Reception Mrs Wetherall 2018 - 2019

Mrs Wetherall


Mrs Wetherall loves travelling and spending time with her family! 

To help us in our class we have two amazing TA's 

Mrs Clarke  smiley Mrs Clarke loves running and rowing 

Miss Moore smileyMiss Moore loves being creative 

Our class motto is to learn together is to play together.

Dates to remember

Celebration assembly is every Monday  afternoon 2.45-3.15pm,  everyone welcome. Each class takes it in turn to share.

Reception sharing assembly  Monday 17th June

Family Learning

Family Learning takes place every term, parents are invited to join in with our class learning on a specific topic/area of learning.

Reception family learning Thursday 20th June

Summer Term

Welcome to reception

Wow two terms completed, the children have all been superstars and we are very proud of how they have started their journey at Victoria Road. Only one term left to learn new skills, become more independent and be superstars in our learning. Year one here we come!!!

We are asking that during this term the children are dropped off at the gate to enable them to come into school independentlly and complete their morning tasks. ( this is a very important part of their transition into Year one). If you have  an important messages one of us will alwayss be at the gate to greet the children and yourselves.

During the summer term our topic will be 'Journeys ' we will be thinking about all types of journeys car journeys,train journeys, plane journeys, walking journeys... We will be having a journey of our own to Delemere Forest where we hope to collect sticks to make a stick man who will accompany us on some of our journeys.

Look out for our one of our journeys in the classroom, Mrs Clarke has been very busy making us a train to ride on!

In  literacy we will be focusing on books about Journeys starting with 'The train ride' We will be acting out the story, learning how a story is put together and looking at the characters to help develop our reading and writing.

We will be writing our own descriptions of journeys and writing about where we would like to go most in the world!!!

We will be learning our sounds we will be looking at initial sounds, making words using the sounds and our tricky words. Check the classroom every morning for our sound of the day and hidden words to read and look out for our new reading area both inside and outside of the classroom.

In maths we will be using the White Rose Hub mastery approach as well as Number bocks. This half term we will be focusing on numbers counting and recognition, 3D shapes,measuring look at our giffaffe to see who is the tallest in our class, money and addition and subtraction up to 10.

The children will be doing lots of learning in the outdoor area using our new literacy and maths area, mud kitchen,  role play, sand, water and stage! We are also hoping to do lots of planting in our nature area. Look out for lots of hidden sounds and numbers in our new and exciting train station (Miss Moore has been very busy collecting lots of lovely activities for our jouneys from the station)

My door is always open if you have any questions, worries or concerns. Please feel free to catch myself, Mrs Clarke or Miss Moore at the beginning or end of the day.




Please can you make sure the children have their P.E Bags in school. They can bring them in on a Monday morning for the week ahead and be left in their pegs. Please make sure all clothing and belongings are clearly named. Thank you




We aim to read and change your child’s reading book twice a week. It is important that your child has their book bags and reading books and diaries in school every day so that this is possible. We ask that you spend 10 minutes each day listening to your child read their book or key words. It is important to talk about the story to make sure you child is understanding what they have read. When you have heard your child read please could you complete the home school reading diary. This will help us to monitor reading development.



Talking homework
Here at Victoria Road Primary School we feel that talk is crucial and is built into our every day practice and school curriculum. To enhance and promote talking we have decided to start giving Talking Homework once a week. Your child will bring home a slip stuck into their reading diary with the chosen topic of discussion for that evening. Talk Homework may include using wow words (big or interesting words). On the day your child gets their Talking Homework they will not need to read but will be expected to spend time discussing their Talking Homework with as many adults as possible at home. Children will still need to read on the other nights of the week, except on the night they get their Talking Homework. However to get the best benefits would be to discuss their Talking Homework as much as possible over the week as this will help them back in class where there will be quality time spent discussing or writing about the chosen topic. The day this will come home on may be different for different classes.

We feel that Talk Homework will contribute to the enrichment of writing and hope that you will support your child at home.


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