Dolphin Class 2019 - 2020

Miss Breau

"We are like a family!"

Who helps us?

Miss Breau and Mrs Coles

Our motto is "We are as unique as snowflakes"!

We are an amazing small group of 9 children from KS1 and KS2, all with the most interesting and exciting personalities. 

We love working together, helping each other, supporting each other and most of all..... having fun together.

What is Dolphin room?

Dolphin room is our safe base. It is a room in school that we can feel safe, secure and relaxed. We know that we can be ourselves and we won't be judged. We know that Miss Breau and Mrs Coles will give us strategies to use to help us keep calm and help sort out any problems. Dolphin room makes us happy and supports us to reach our full potential. 


In literacy we have enjoyed learning about 'The Scarecrows Wedding'. We  recreated the wedding with bells, confetti and dancing and made our very own 'Betty O'Barley' for the school playground. She loves watching us play with our friends at playtime and lunchtime. We have also learned about poetry and Scarecrow fact files, we even created a fact file all about ourselves. 


In maths we have worked so hard that we can now challenge ourselves and join our friends in our years.

How do I feel?

In Dolphin room we work really hard to understand our feelings and emotions. We work together to identify and recognise how we feel daily, discuss our own experiences and solve any problems together. 

We do this through drama, games, circle times and discussions. 

In Dolphin room we have also worked hard to develop and improve our social skills, positive interaction skills and our tone of voice. We play structured games that focus on turn taking, sharing, speaking and listening and our ability to wait calmly.

We have had so much fun since September and have learned so many new skills.

Let's keep going!

We love a challenge in Dolphin room!




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